Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Laconia is sinking... Tomorrow...

RISE proudly created about 75 percent of all visual effects shots, among them the sinking of the CG Laconia, CG submarines and CG B24 bombers. Especially for the sinking of the ship a combination of computer simulated ocean and water, fuel puddles on the ocean, fire, smoke and the CG ship itself proved to be quite a challenge for crew and hardware. The goal was to stay away from Titanic's style as far as possible. So instead of going for a romantically moonlit atmosphere RISE designed the torpedo hit fire to illuminate the scene, bouncing of the ocean surface to create a nice interaction with the ship's hull. One of the references used over the course of the design process were the burning oil drills in Kuwait in the early 90s as well as last years oil drilling rig disaster, the Deepwater Horizon.
Watch Laconia on ARD, 2nd November, 8:15pm
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