Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cloud Atlas Team

Another big "Thank you" to our team that made our VFX shots on Cloud Atlas possible. To all those pixel pushers, modellers, texturers, sculptors, animators, simulators, compositors, producers, coordinators, painters, rotoscopers, riggers, lighters and shaders. That's all you. And to those who didn't make it on the picture like Robert, Tom, Christian, Ingo, Daniel, Kariem, Sergej, Heiko, Julian, Anton, Max, Andreas, Lars, Maxi, Korbi and Patrick. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We moved Cologne...

Well, in fact just our Cologne office has moved. We are now new best friends with "Alarm for Cobra 11"- the German hit TV action series that makes cars defy gravity - because we moved in with the production company "action concept". Our new address in North Rhine-Westphalia is:

c/o action concept GmbH
An der Hasenkaule 1-7


They've got a huge parking lot. But you never know what happens to your car while you are having a coffee with us...