Friday, March 20, 2009

Now Showing - The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle

The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle is now showing in a cinema near you. Director Florian Baxmeyer, DoP Peter Krause, Visual Effects Supervisor Robert Pinnow and Studio Hamburg International Production teamed up again to create the sequel to 2007's blockbuster "Skeleton Island". We were asked to create one of the main characters of the movie entirely using CGI - Terror Castle itself. Check out the movie, bring your kids - it's a lot of fun.

A big, warm Thank You to our crew:

CGI Department - Simon Ohler, Joern Weisspfennig, Christian Pundschus, Holger Wenzel, Alex Broeckel, Kariem Saleh - Compositing - Christoph Benden, Michael Lankes, Claudia Lechen, Dirk Matzkuhn, Sascha Reinholz, Rayk Schroeder, Markus Schneider, Robert Tucker, Jörg Berkel, Jakub Stejskal - Mattepainting - Robert Kriegel - Matchmoving - Andreas Schulz, Michael Wolf - Title Design - Jean-Michel Boublil, Marcel Pelzer, Alexander Kähler - Lead Pipeline Engineer - Sebastian Elsner

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Insight Out Conference

rise is proudly supporting the Insight Out conference 2009 on digital production of film + tv in close collaboration with the HFF film + television university potsdam-babelsberg. the conference is aimed at decision-makers in the film, tv and new media industries - producers, directors, dops, ... - offering an in-depth look at today's and tomorrow's digital story telling tools.

participants will be visiting our facility on tuesday, 24/02/09 for a presentation of our work on recent film releases and a q+a session.