Thursday, November 3, 2011

3000 shots in 180 days... That's 16.667 Shots a day!!!

When Rayk Schroeder signed on to supervise the VFX work for the second season of Ijon Tichy he was already aware that it wouldn't end up being a standard 100-600 shot project. But he didn't expect 3000 shots either. In the end Rayk and his small team managed to finish the 3000 shots within roughly 6 months by automating various tasks, beta testing our own high-speed shot management database and preparing as good as possible for when the storm would hit. The combination of scale models, CG elements that were supposed to look like scale models, puppets and actors shot on greenscreen ended up being more than 80 percent of the entire running length of the series. Great work, guys. And a HUGE "THANK YOU" for hanging in there. A refreshingly abstract yet very, very creative approach to visual effects. Starting this Friday on ZDF: