Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lust, violence and intrigues at RISE!

In August RISE finished over 230 VFX shots for Europe's most expensive TV series of all times: "BORGIA". The story of one of the cruelest chapters of the Vatican will be aired in Germany on ZDF between 17th and 27th of October. RISE brought Rome of 1492 to life and created digital environments for a family that was ruled by nothing but lust, violence and intrigues. Over 40 years ago the stories and legends about the Borgia were already the inspiration for "The Godfather". RISE developed a 3D topography of the old Rome with detailed virtual main locations like the Colosseum. These 3D renderings were the foundation for historically accurate matte paintings and set extensions. For several shots with thousands of digital characters a proprietary crowd tool was developed that was tailored to precisely meet the series' demands for a fast turnaround. "Borgia" is a co-production between Atlantique, Etic Films and ZDF.