Sunday, November 29, 2009

theatrical release schedule

from October to January a total of eleven movies will have their theatrical release in Germany showcasing our visual effects work. from martial arts fest "Ninja Assassin" to digital pirate sea battles in "13 Paces without a Head", from historical Tolstoy biopic "The Last Station" to fantasy thriller "The Door" - you shouldn't believe your eyes. for the full press release click here

1st October 2009
Es kommt der Tag

19th November 2009
Liebe Mauer
This is Love

26th November 2009
Die Tür / The Door

10th December 2009
Das Orangenmädchen / The Orange Girl
Ninja Assassin
Zwölf Meter ohne Kopf / 13 Paces without a Head

17th December 2009
Lila, Lila

21st January 2010
Ein russischer Sommer / The Last Station