Friday, December 12, 2008

Die Patin - starting this sunday on RTL

don't miss our latest work for germany's biggest television network RTL and Teamworx. "Die Patin" by director Miguel Alexandre is the story of Katharina Almeda (Veronica Ferres), a loving mother and wife, who is sucked into a world of organized crime. rise provided visual effects for over 180 shots working closely together with DOP Jo Heim, matching his unique color scheme down to the last pixel. the first part of the mini series is aired this sunday.

part 1 sunday, 14th december, 20:15
part 2 monday, 15th december, 20:15
part 3 wednesday, 17th december, 20:15

a big thanks to our crew
supervisor jonathan weber, lead compositor sascha reinholz and compositors christoph benden, björn gottwald, christopher kollar, claudia lechen, rayk schroeder, jakub stejskal, philip strahl, robert tucker, holger wenzel and matte painter robert kriegel.