Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"king of nuke" frank rüter visiting rise

rise | visual effects berlin was the first feature film visual effects house in germany to rely entirely on the foundry's "nuke" package as primary compositing application. of course it was quite a risk to take - but since then nobody at rise ever looked back. "nuke" is rock solid and packed with more features than a swiss army knife, certainly more than any other software we have ever worked with. our pipeline and "nuke" integration is one of a kind, making rise | visual effects berlin the first, most cost efficient choice for next-generation visual effects production.

having the latest in software technology is one thing - having the artists who know how to take advantage of it is something else. last month Frank Rüter visited rise, an old friend and someone "many consider to be the worldwide king of nuke tools and customization" ( Frank was not only answering questions but also showing tweaks and tricks he learned while working on the "Lord of the Rings"-Trilogy, "King Kong", "I Robot" and "Speed Racer" as 2D lead technical director.

we invited a couple of artists from all over germany, good friends and everyone interested in seeing the next big thing in effects production. thank you so much Frank for stopping by! hope to see you again soon!